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          富成國際 | 產品目錄 | 聯系我們
            富成國際貿易有限公司,總部設在香港,在德國,美國,日本均設有分公司,擁有良好的購銷渠道,歡迎來電咨詢 TEL:0086-21-51085793

          德國機械 美國機械 荷蘭機械



          COREMO OCMEA
          NERI MOTORI變頻電機
          TB WOOD'S聯軸器
          BROOK CROMPTON電機
          FENNER DRIVE減速機
          MCB INDUSTRIE傳感器





          AC Motor Controls - Inverters KBDA The KBDA Series of Digital VFD’s consist of 5 inverter models ranging from 1/8 through 5.0 horsepower housed in heavy duty, NEMA-4X (IP-65) die cast aluminum washdown/watertight enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. Digitally programmable, all similar functions are presented in common groups making these Adjustable Frequency Drives easy to install and operate. A large 4-digit display provides easy-to-read operating parameters and programming functions. More Information KBMK The KBMK Series of Digital VFD’s consists of 2 inverter models. Both models are rated from 1/8 through 1.0 horsepower and are housed in NEMA-1/(IP-40) aluminum enclosures. The KBMK-24DF contains a built-in Class A, AC line RFI/EMI filter. Digitally programmable, all similar functions are presented in common groups making these Adjustable Frequency Drives easy to install and operate. A large 4-digit display provides easy-to-read operating parameters and programming functions. More Information KBAC The KBAC Series of VFDs consist of 5 inverter models ranging from 1/8 through 5.0 horsepower housed in heavy duty, NEMA-4X (IP-65) die cast aluminum washdown/wate-rtight enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. These analog style AC Drives do not require programming. Jumper selectable functions and simple trimpot adjustments make the KBAC Series quick and easy to use. For OEM applications, these Drives can be factory programmed for many demanding requirements. More Information KBMA The KBMA Series of VFD’s consist of 2 inverter models. Both models are rated from 1/8 through 1.0 horsepower and are housed in NEMA-1/(IP-40) aluminum enclosures The KBMA-24DF contains a built-in Class A, AC line RFI/EMI filter. Jumper selectable functions and simple trimpot adjustments make the KBMA Series quick and easy to use. For OEMs these Drives can be customized for many demanding applications. More Information KBVF The KBVF Series of Adjustable Frequency Drives consist of 13 models ranging from 1/10 thru 5.0 horsepower. These chassis/IP-20 style Drives are ideal for OEM applications where digital programming and displays are not required. Simple trimpots and jumpers allow for quick and easy tuning for each application. All Drives can be factory customized to your unique application due to their broad programming capabilities, including PLC functions. More Information DC Motor Speed Controls KBIC The KBIC Series of DC Drives consist of 10 OEM & 6 Distributor models ranging from 1/100 thru 3.0 horsepower. These DC motor speed controls were first introduced in 1979 and are still one of the most reliable basic DC drives used in thousands of applications around the world. Now manufactured with SMT. More Information KBMM The KBMM Series of DC Drives consist of 3 OEM & 3 Distributor models ranging from 1/100 thru 3.0 horsepower. These DC motor speed controls were introduced in 1985 as the ultimate in reliability and performance. Because of its reliability and performance characteristics, distributors around the world have standardized on the KBMM. Now manufactured with SMT. More Information KBCC-240D The KBCC-240D chassis SCR speed control provides the same electrical features as the KBPC enclosed control. These include jumper selectable voltage adjust, current rating and feedback type, along with adjustable jog, speed/torque mode and three wire start stop. More Information KBCC The KBCC Series of chassis SCR controls consist of two models rated from 1/100 thru 3 HP. Each model consists of a KBMM chassis speed control mounted to a 7” Heatsink assembly and coupled to the Barrier Terminal Kit. More Information KBCC-R The KBCC-R Series of chassis SCR controls are similar to the KBCC Series, but with the addition of an Anti-Plug Reversing Module. They provide variable speed motor control, along with relay reversing, electronic dynamic braking and an anti-plugging circuit which helps prevent motor demagnetization. Properly applied, these controls can be cycled up to 30 times per minute. More Information KBMD The KBMD, also known as our “Multi-Drive,” can be used with motors from 1/100 thru 2 horsepower and is housed in a NEMA-1 Aluminum enclosure. The heart of this DC Drive is the KBMM. A unique feature of the KBMD allows it to operate a 90 VDC motor from either 115 or 230 VAC making it universally acceptable. More Information KBWM The KBWM Series of NEMA-1 aluminum enclosed DC Drives is available in 2 models from 1/100 thru ? horsepower. The driving force behind these models is our most reliable SCR control, the KBMM. Its horsepower range is only limited by its physical size, however, it still provides all of the flexibility of our KBMD, Multi-Drive. More Information KBMG The KBMG Series of four-quadrant regenerative DC Drives consists of 2 models range from 1/50 thru 2.0 horsepower. These, ultra-compact, chassis/IP-20 style drives are ideal for OEMs. For applications requiring repetitive reversing with regenerative braking the KBMG Drives offer excellent repeatability and reliability. More Information KBPB The KBPB Series of SCR DC Drives range from 1/100 thru 3.0 horsepower. These, compact, chassis style drives are ideal for applications requiring occasional reversing with solid-state dynamic braking. The KBPB Drives have been in service since 1985. They offer excellent repeatability and reliability. More Information KBRG The KBRG Series of four-quadrant regenerative DC Drives range from 1/10 thru 5.0 horsepower. These chassis style drives are ideal for OEM applications requiring repetitive reversing with regenerative braking. The KBRG Drives offer excellent repeatability and reliability. More Information KBPC The KBPC Series of SCR DC Drives consist of 2 models ranging from 1/50 thru 3.0 horsepower, housed in heavy duty NEMA-4X (IP-65) die cast aluminum, washdown / watertight enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. These analog style DC Drives do not require programming. Jumper selectable functions and simple trimpot adjustments make the KBPC Series quick and easy to use. More Information KBRC The KBRC Series of four-quadrant regenerative DC Drives consists of 2 models ranging from 1/10 thru 2.0 horsepower, housed in heavy duty NEMA-4X (IP-65) die cast aluminum washdown / watertight enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for OEM applications requiring repetitive reversing with regenerative braking. The KBRC Drives offer excellent repeatability and reliability. More Information KBPW The KBPW Series of PWM DC Drives consist of 2 models ranging from 1/50 thru 1.5 horsepower, housed in heavy duty NEMA-4X (IP-65) die cast aluminum, washdown / watertight enclosure for indoor or outdoor use. These analog style PWM DC Drives do not require programming. Jumper selectable functions and simple trimpot adjustments make the KBPW Series quick and easy to use. More Information KBPI The KBPI Series of SCR DC Drives consist of 2 models ranging from 1/6 thru 2.0 horsepower, housed in heavy duty NEMA-4X (IP-65) die cast aluminum washdown / watertight enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. These analog style DC Drives are ideal for indexing applications. KBPI Drives have been in service since 1990. They offer excellent repeatability and reliability All adjustments are factory set and do not require programming. Jumper selectable functions and simple trimpot adjustments make the KBPI Series quick and easy to us




            香港及海外業務:  00852-27828783 傳真:00852-30119987
          中國大陸地區業務:021-51085793  傳真:021-51086107   電郵:wsitl@21cn.net
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